Ormeau Removals recommends all customers obtain an independent insurance policy to ensure full coverage during their move.

Ormeau Removals holds transit insurance and provides coverage in the instance of:

Total loss when in transit due to an unforeseen incident such as a vehicular accident, fire, auto theft or flooding. Major damage sustained to an item which renders it unfit for purpose or unusable if Ormeau Removals staff are at fault for the damage

Ormeau Removals  Insurance coverage excludes:

  • The contents held within boxes packed by the customer or any individual other than a Ormeau Removals staff member
  • Any cash and jewellery or any individual item in excess of $15000 value
  • Any damage to flat pack furniture that is not dissembled prior to the move as per the manufacturer’s instructions. This furniture is not designed to be moved in an assembled format.
  • Any paintings or Artwork that is not properly covered and or boxed ready for transit
  • Any item that has pre-existing damage or flaws that may be exacerbated by moving the item if the Ormeau Removals staff are not previously made aware of the existing issue prior to commencing the move
  • Minor cosmetic damage for property or personal items, including but not limited to; nicks scratches, dings, dents, flakes etc.
  • Outside influences that cause damage to items, such as weather, poor ground conditions etc
  • Internal electronics of an item, and internal mechanisms where there is no evidence of damage.
  • Items are not covered against theft whilst during the loading and unloading process

Replacement Cover

In the instance of damage to any belongings, the items will be replaced at current market value. If the customer believes that the item should be replaced at an alternate value, the responsibility lies with the customer to provide reasonable evidence in the form of a recent receipt or valuation of this item

How to make a claim:

Notify of damage, destruction or loss of items within 4 business days of moving date in writing. This notification can be sent to Within this notification a description of the damage in question should be provided, supported by any photographs of the damage where possible

Ormeau Removals or the Insurance agency reserves the right to assess the damage to the item. If needed, this will be requested to the customer and a suitable time agreed.

To establish market value, the customer needs to provide either:

  • An invoice for the original purchase
  • A quote for the replacement item or repairs of the damage
  • Ormeau Removals reserves the right to seek quotations for the repair of damage or replacement of the item from our preferred suppliers if necessary.

In order to resolve any claims within a reasonable time, the supply of any additional information must be within 21 days of the original correspondence.